What are the benefits of Sativa for cannabis consumers?

So Before the introduction of the benefits of Sativa for cannabis enthusiasts from Mr. Nice Guys DC, it is important to know about this strain. A brief guide is essential to know its origin, effects, uses, and recommendations for flowers, edibles, and THC percentages.

So starting with this point, there are many different marijuana or cannabis strains that originate from the same genus of the cannabis plant. There are generally three types of cannabis plants which are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. All three have their own effects and characteristics. Because Indica and Sativa have their own cannabinoid profiles, whereas hybrid we can say is a new strain combination of both.

You will find that most recreational weed products, that are made from these three cannabis products contain varying THC and CBD levels to manage dosages as consumers need.

Therefore, it is essential to check its dosage and CBD THC level before purchasing any cannabis products. If you are a beginner, a consultation from a doctor or specialist can be a good option so that you do not get affected by any of them. Also, initially, it is better to try with a smaller dosage and then gradually increase the dosage level, looking at the effect and feel it has on you.

Moreover, every state has its own policy for cannabis laws. As we all know, weed is a drug that is not legal in many parts of the world. Hence it is mandatory to follow all the regulations in order not to be penalized legally for consuming weed.

Know More About Sativa

Sativa is known for being the biggest weed leaf which creates an uplifting in most gatherings and small business deals. They originate from countries where the extent of sunlight is more found such as the places in equatorial plains. Because of this climate requirement, they take longer to grow and look more sluggish than other weed plants.

Cannabis sativa is cultivated for its fibres historically been used for industrial, nutritional, and medicinal purposes. Sativa cannabis leaves have less CBD and more THC levels in them. Marijuana enthusiasts prefer to intake high levels of THC that’s why farmers grow more Sativa plants.

Sativa strains are known to be extremely crabby due to their distinctive terpene profile. Which produces a flavour that can range from fruity, sour, and sweet to earthy, piney, and peppery.

Due to the uplifting effect of Sativa, it is more suitable for those who like to consume Marijuana during the day. the most common effects of Sativa cannabis strain are-

  1. Uplifting mood: Many people have confirmed that consuming Sativa helps them feel happy and increases their energy by a thousand percent.
  2. Increases Creativity: Sativa encourages the artistic side of a person and helps them find new ideas.
  1. High concentration level: Sativa strain keeps the person high which helps in concentrating on one thing.

Out of these effects, the consumption of Sativa helps in the treatment of many diseases or helps in relieving pain from many problems.

  • Depression: Sativa helps to get high due to the high levels of THC present in weed products. It helps relieve depression and can help deal with feelings of lethargy and apathy.
  • Anxiety: Similarly, some people report that cannabis Sativa strains can reduce anxiety with soothing and uplifting effects. Others find that it helps them “take out” frequent or intrusive thoughts.
  • Treating ADHD: ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder found in children that may sustain into adulthood. Sativa helps in healing if properly injected daily to control a shock and maintain mental balance.

There are several Sativa cannabis strains that are used not only for recreational uses but also medicinally for the treatment of many diseases, most of which are neurological issues.

The most popular Sativa strains are:

1- Sour Diesel- It is the most popular marijuana strain which tends to be higher in THC. Hence, experienced cannabis consumers seem to come back again for enjoying its high effects that may be helpful for people overcoming depression.

THC in this weed strain is 17 to 26 percent and CBD is almost <1 percent.

2- Super Silver HazeSuper Silver Haze Sativa Marijuana Strain is much loved for its sense of calmness which gives mental stability to people and produces creative effects.

The THC content found in this strain is 18 to 23 percent and CBD < 1 percent.

3- Lucid BlueLucid Blue is highly recommended when it comes to focus and concentration. If you want to relieve stress, it can be more difficult than some of the others on this list.

The THC content is 16 to 28 percent and the CBD content is 0 to 4 percent.

4- Jack HerrerJack Herrer is named after the famous cannabis activist and author. It ranked high on the energetics scale among reviews, with many noting that it helps with symptoms of depression.

THC and CBD Ingredients:

THC: 15 to 24 percent

CBD: < 1 percent

5- Durban Poison This invigorating, pure Sativa is known by many to get the creative juices flowing. Many say it’s the most energising strain they’ve tried which also follows that this is the opposite of sedating.

Ingredient level THC- 17 to 26 percent, and CBD- < 1 percent.

Best Sativa Marijuana Products in Mr. Nice Guys DC, Weed Store and Delivery in DC

1- Alien Labs All in one – Live resin Baklava

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2- BABY JEETER – Maui Waui

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3- Big Bad Sour Bears – Sativa

Big Bad Sour Bears is the Fan’s favorite Sativa product. Categorized as a candy Edible, it gives the best effect and makes people feel fresher available in different flavors.

Pricing- $50.00 for 1 piece

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4- Cannakiss – Lollipops (Sativa)

Cannakiss – Lollipops Sativa marijuana product is Edible which has an amazing taste and gives relief to the consumer. Highly authorized medically tested product is best founded in DC.

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5- Green Sticker

Cherry-Green Sticker Hemp edible is a Sativa strain product that is the original and medically tested marijuana. It is the best marijuana to get high as it has much higher doses of THC and CBD than others.

$20.00- 1g

$60.00-1/8 oz (3.5g)

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6- Pez Sour – Green Sticker

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7- Sour Tangie – Green Sticker

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1/8 oz (3.5g)- $60.00

1/4 oz (7g)- $105.00

1/2 oz (14g)- $185.00

1 oz (28g)- $345.00

8- Sitka – Hashish Lebanese Gold

Experience its bold and complex taste, an aroma featuring bright and citrusy notes. Get this product only from Mr. Nice Guys DC.

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Variety of Sativas

Traditional dry sift Hashish

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