Rascal OG, delivers a strong, focused euphoric high. The cerebral effects encourage creativity, while the indica genes provide a lazy body high. This strain is recommended for chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, as well as other mood disorders and nausea. Dry mouth is the most likely side effect, though dry eyes are also common and paranoia is possible. Most popular in California, Washington State, Michigan, and Colorado, Raskal OG can also be found on the black market. It’s a growing favorite among medical marijuana patients, both for its unique flavors and for its mind-body high.

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Those that have tried this strain have reported feeling a strong high that induces creativity while simultaneously allowing the body to experience relaxation. While the mind focuses, the body becomes couch-locked, and reviewers have enjoyed activities like video games or movies while using this strain. Some have also used it to help alleviate chronic pain or to uplift a sad or depressed mood.


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