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Lemon OG is famously known for its extremely distinguishable not only from the lemon smell but also the inherent skunky smell that is associated and omitted from OG produced strains. As the smoke escapes your mouth consumers reported having a surprisingly sweet and soury taste on the exhale which makes up for the overly tarte taste that is overpowering at first hit! Commonly, THC levels sit around 22% however, Lemon OG also has higher levels of terpene beta caryophllene, this is often associated with similar affects to cannabinol and contributes to the body buzz sensation that consumers relate to pain and inflammation relief! Often times, resulting in better sleep or reduced stress as a result consumers report having better mindset as stress-filled thoughts or anxiety unrelated to pain are alleviated. Lemon OG is also known for helping to alleviate nausea or increase appetite due to pharmaceutical use. Similarly to most strains of flower this one pairs well with leisurely activities such as reading, sleeping, and watching movies!

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Lemon OG

Eighth $60, Quarter $110, Half $150, Ounce $300, Two Ounces $600


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