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IKeisha cannabis strain by Red Bee Seeds is an Indica dominant hybrid. It grows beautifully, and has a bouquet of old, musky grape soda blended with mild spices and berries. Average yields can be expected, and the classic purple flavour really shine through. Ideal for evening usage.

Type of High

Keisha cannabis strain’s high will sedate you enough to forget all negativity and settle into your couch for a good Netflix binge and some popcorn.


Breeder: Red Bee Seeds
Lineage: Keisha cannabis strain is a cross between Purple Urkel and (Southern Comfort and Boulder Queen) cannabis strains.

Additional information

Kiesha OG

One-Eighth(1/8th), One-Quarter(1/4th), Half-Ounce(1/2), Ounces, Two-Ounces


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